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Founders of BoomBeez Honey


The BoomBeez® mission is to
source and deliver a collection of
the best honeys from hidden
and unspoiled locations across the world.
We believe in the wholesome, healing qualities of honey.
We strive to make the world a sweeter and healthier place,
one spoonful at a time.


BoomBeez® is a family-owned-and-operated business, founded in 2017 by Suzanne and Renato Zeko.

Our inspiration for BoomBeez® came on a summer 2016 vacation to Bosnia and Herzegovina, where Suzanne was introduced to the ancient beekeeping traditions of southeastern Europe.


With their son Vincent and daughter Anna in tow, the trip marked the family’s first international vacation, an exciting adventure to learn all about the country, its culture and traditions – and to meet some of Renato’s relatives. 


Along the way, Suzanne became fascinated with how beekeepers there use centuries-old techniques -- and zero pesticides – to make some of the world’s most delicious and unique honey. She was intrigued to learn that Renato’s family and many local farmers have pantries overflowing with homemade honey. Do they really need so much?


She soon learned the answer is yes – and for a surprising reason!


It’s easy for young children to fall ill when away from home. This vacation was no exception, and Vincent developed a nasty cold. Renato’s family quickly stepped in to soothe his cough and congestion with sweet doses of local honey. Vincent took the honey regularly for a couple of days, and not only started to feel a whole lot better, but loved the taste.

Suzanne saw how the honey was used daily in Bosnia and Herzegovina in a multitude of ways; as a sugar substitute, in recipes, for drinks, as home health remedies -- even to heal wounds. Those tiny cupboard arsenals of honey jars began to make sense!


As conscientious parents, Suzanne and Renato don’t like to give unnatural or processed products to their children. The Bosnian honey was completely raw, unprocessed, pesticide-free -- and they could see for themselves how exceptional and special it was. They knew they had to bring it back to the United States to share with family, friends … and you! 


BoomBeez® is also a people-and-planet-oriented business. 


By bringing this honey from small family farms to consumers worldwide, Renato hopes to not only share his life story, the joy of his family, and the culture of this beautiful country, but help make life sweeter for people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Combine Renato’s dream with the magic Suzanne saw in honey as it restored her son to good health, and you have the founding ideas and principles for BoomBeez®.

We are honored and proud to share
Bosnia and Herzegovina’s best-kept secret with you.



Suzanne Zeko, BoomBeez Honey

Suzanne Zeko was born in New York City. Growing up with parents who loved to travel, Suzanne learned from an early age to embrace and respect other cultures, traditions and lifestyles. She attended Johnson and Wales University, majoring in Restaurant and Hotel Management. While at Johnson and Wales, Suzanne met Renato Zeko, an international student from Sweden. Although she was intrigued, Suzanne chose to pursue her dream of living in the American Southwest, eventually working as a kindergarten teacher in Tucson, Arizona.


Ten years later, Suzanne and Renato reconnected, their love blossomed and they were married in 2009. The couple relocated back to the East Coast and began their family; they were blessed with two beautiful children, Vincent and Anna, who have kept Suzanne busy and fulfilled.

Renato Zeko, BoomBeez Honey

Renato Zeko was born in Gothenburg, Sweden. His parents, who had emigrated from Bosnia and Herzegovina, provided a loving home enriched by travel and tradition. As a young child, Renato and his family divided their time between Sweden, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, keeping a close bond with relatives back home, many of whom are farmers. Renato has always been a passionate person who loves to share family stories, recipes and customs. His adventurous spirit brought him to the United States in 1999 to attend Johnson and Wales University, where he embarked on an American adventure that continues to this day.

Suzanne and Renato brought to life their dream with the help of a dedicated team based in the USA and Bosnia and Herzegovina - click here to learn more.


BoomBeez® Honey was created to share our family’s culture and traditions, one sweet spoonful at a time. While honey is produced all over the world, the best is made in small, remote villages and farms. We want to take you to those little corners of the world. To that end, we’re always looking for more hidden gems, to work with local beekeepers to deliver the finest honey, and, we hope real soon, a wide selection of honey-based products.


If you would like to stay in the loop about our latest discoveries, please contact us at

BoomBeez Honey
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