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BoomBeez Honey Beekeepers

Ante is the head beekeeper and president of the beekeeper’s association in Ljubuski, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Along with his wife, Mladenka, his more than 30 years of experience and knowledge of bees and honey, “Mija” is our source for expertise in both finding the bees and creating a quality product according to the rich historical traditions of the region. 

BoomBeez Team

Tina’s broad expertise in law, language, culture, logistics and risk management, makes her an invaluable BoomBeez® team member. We would also like to add how important Tina’s role has been in linking a bridge from our company headquarters in New York with the beekeeper associations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is a key player and we appreciate all that she has done and continues to do.

BoomBeez honey Farmers

Husband of Tina Curkovic. Pero's roots are from Herzegovina, from a family of honey farmers. He spent every summer of his childhood there enjoying the beautiful nature, culture and learning from his grandparents about beekeeping. Pero connected BoomBeez® with “Mija” the beekeeper, and the rest is history. Pero’s invaluable expertise in local customs, knowledge of the honey making process coupled with his operational and oversight makes him indispensable to our team.  

BoomBeez Team

Matt Marrone, a senior editor at ESPN, helped edit our website. Not only is he Suzanne’s loving older brother, he’s also an extremely gifted writer. We can’t thank you enough, Matt!

Nicki Piercy, Big Dog Design, BoomBeez Honey

Nicki, owner of Big Dog Design, conceptualized, designed and created the BoomBeez® logo, brand identity and website. She’s a brilliant designer with a ton of business experience and we couldn’t be happier with her commitment, creativity and dedication in bringing BoomBeez® to life.

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